Our Focus

Net worth is a number; net income is freedom.

At Ebert Financial, we help baby boomers prepare for retirement and transition into living off their financial resources. Most people retire only once, and "rookies" often make mistakes. We have strategies to help people make informed decisions and avoid the common mistakes others often make. This involves educating them on their social security and pension benefit options, developing an income distribution strategy, working through risk management options, and evaluating asset consolidation. Our goal is to simplify the process and have a game plan for income that the client understands.

We not only serve as a financial guide on the way up the mountain as you build your nest egg, but we also work with you on the trip down (the distribution phase), which can be even more perilous. In mountain climbing, more accidents occur on the way down the mountain. We work with our clients to help them make good decisions in the distribution phase so that their assets and income will last as long as they do. We address the risks of market declines, inflation, longevity, and rising health care expenses so that our clients can have a plan in place before these events occur. This reduces fear and the poor emotional decisions that can sometimes be hazardous to one's financial independence.